How does Asana price, and exactly who is considered to be a user?



Hey Asana Community. Good morning. I am new to Asana. I have a question.

When it comes to users, how does Asana bill? Let me clarify.

Historically, we’ve used Basecamp for our project management SaaS tool. I know that some platforms, will increase pricing at certain points, as we add users inside of our organization. However, if I add clients… I can add as many as I want.

Same with Over 5 users, and they’ll increase my price. But I have have as many “guests” (aka clients) as I want.

Does Asana work in the same way? Or are ALL users going against my pricing package?

I’d appreciate your help.


If I am not mistaken, you pay for “Premium seats” which means you can add clients but they don’t have to be Premium, you choose who is premium and who is not. @Marie can you confirm please?


Of course @Bastien_Siebman ! @Brian_Webb1 as long as your clients use their own domain (= different than yours), you can add them as Guest ( And there is no limit when it comes to Guests, you can add as many as you like for free!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have follow-up questions! :slight_smile: