How do you track unsortable tasks?

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Looking for a solution to this problem:

Let say we create a project called “Marketing”. Put a task to it. Add our marketing lead, Steve, as its assignee. Steve requires help from Mona, that is our Sales manager and not being present in the marketing project or its team at all.

Now, from Mona’s point of view, there is some task in her inbox. It appears this task does not have any project assigned. She is a bit afraid to delete the note from her inbox because she is not sure if she can find the task again when she needs to. Sure, she can open inbox archive, or use search, but… is there any other way? Perhaps, more simple.

How do you usually solve this kind of situation? What is the rule to work with this kind of “invisible” task? To keep track.

I ask for the position of IT manager. I need to teach others some rules, how to behave if… And this one is kind of a pickle…

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Hi @Vítek_Prchal, thanks for reaching out to our Community!

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the usecases category to make it more visible for those looking to share their processes! :slight_smile:

I would recommend that Mona:

  1. Create her own task, in her own project (“Mona’s Tasks”), as a replacement for My Tasks
  2. Title the task with the literal requirement of her work: “Help Steve with sales forecast planning for Werewolf”
  3. Use the power of the “@” sign to add a link to the original task in her own task…just start typing “@sales for…” and the hyperlink should appear

OPTIONAL 4) If the task is of the type that other project members would probably like to see, e.g. a major deliverable or a blocker affecting other actions, then I would also “home” it to the Werewolf project. Conversely, if Mona’s task is more her personal to do, along the lines of “tidy my desk” or “work with Steve on his planning skills”, I’d leave it resident in Mona’s Tasks only.

OPTIONAL 5) If she needs more differentiation by project, she can either use Tags, or Sections in Mona’s Tasks.


This quick tip could help: When creating a task, type TAB + P to add a project to the task. This way, she’s gonna be able to know where to look in the future.


If Mona adds most of her tasks to one or more project(s), it might be helpful to do Advanced Search and save the report to the sidebar.

  • Assigned to: Mona
  • In projects: No Project

Even if the task is added to a marketing project inaccessible from Mona, that task will be displayed in the result.

If Mona uses a lot of subtasks, then they will show up in the search result. To prevent that, we can set one more condition:

  • Subtask: Not subtasks

I still agree with @Stephanie_Oberg and @anon97630033 that always adding a task to a project is the best way. The rogue tasks which don’t belong to any project tend to disappear.

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follow-up task

Hi Vítek_Prchal,

I would create a follow-up task that I can then manage on my own. This will show in My Tasks and I can also put it into a project if I want.