How do you take notes with Asana?

Hey there,

Today there are numerous ways to take notes:

  • in a structured gsheet
  • in your gmail drafts
  • in apps like Notion, Evernote, etc.

But I’d like to go all-in with Asana. All my projects are already there so why not all my meetings notes & personal thoughts?

Today I created a project called “Notes”, where tasks are my notes, but I’m not sure that’s the best way? It’s not very structured and the search is nowhere close to Google.

How do you takes notes with Asana? Thanks!

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Hello @Nicolas_Zullo and welcome to the forum :wave:,

We have sections within projects that contain documentation and notes. In addition, we keep curated spaces in Asana for one on one meetings as well as staff meetings. The notes taken in those meetings live in those spaces as well. We feel that it’s easier to find notes pertaining to those times and projects if they live in the same space. Asana has great training modules if you haven’t already checked them out in the Asana Academy ( Check out the Meeting Agendas module in the Academy and the Meeting Agendas, One on One, and Brainstorming guides below to get you started thinking about how you might want to organize that type of information in the Asana space.

In general we try to minimize how many project spaces we have to keep track of so we typically just put all of the information within those sections rather than creating general Notes, Brainstorming, etc spaces. If you are working within a team and want to have those types of spaces I would lean towards having those private so it doesn’t clutter up the shared space.



Hi, I am sincerely apalled to see how such a simple question cannot get any simple answer : how to take and archive notes on Asana ? I went through your links and got lost immediately…


Stll there no answer here?

I agree with you Nicolas.

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I like to take all my notes in Onenote because I frequently add screen shots when taking notes. Then I take the page for the specific notes and print to PDF. I then go to the project and send a message with the notes as an attachment. That way the attachment will show up in the file section of the project.

I maintain my notes still in Evernote. Each app has its own strength, so I just try to limit the number of apps that I use.