How do you structure task overview?

Hello all,

currently we are structuring customer cards in a board with the overall view. Each customer has its tasks and subtasks.

What are your tips & solutions to the following:
(Currently they run manually or partially automated - We would like to automate this completely - The goal is that no task should go under).

  1. we work with customer cards in the board “overview” as single tasks. There I would always have the card with the most current TODO at the top in the respective section. The most current TODO results from the subtasks.

  2. The subtasks can be sorted by: Creation date + X days = Due date.

Overall, the idea is to create an overview of overdue, due, and open. But all this in the board view according to the respective sorted cards / tasks of the customers.

I would be happy about tips and an exchange on this!

Hi @Lucas_Gronemeier

Just to be sure I am following correctly.

Your project is viewed by Board, not the Overview tab, correct?

Correct, Kanban boards have work on next at the top. Not sure what you mean by the result from the subtasks. Are you saying the parent task (card) is moved up or down based on the priority of the subs?

This is a manual sort as there is no automated way to sort subs

So you want to see the status of the subs (overdue, complete), correct?

As you have it set, you cannot. Subs don’t report up in the Board view.

However, in the List view, if you have statuses in your subs, that is a CF with Backlog, Started, Complete (or whatever your workflow is), then you can see that in the List view when the subs are expanded.

Normally, how I process this is by having a master project plan in List view with all my tasks. Sections can be via client here. Then I multi-home the subs with the Doers of those tasks into their Board view so they can work on them. As those tasks (parent in their Board, subs in my List) go through their workflow, the CF is updated with status, which if pulling from the Library in both projects, will reflect the status in both.

If I misunderstood your question, please restate.