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In these unprecedented times, many companies (Asana included) are transitioning to work from home. Since our mission at Asana is to help the world’s teams work together effortlessly, we’re working to rapidly put together best practices, tips, and advice on how to help our customers transition to remote work as seamlessly as possible. And we want to feature your tips!

How do you stay on track while working remotely? We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re transitioning to remote work for the first time or you’re a seasoned WFH pro.

Please submit any tips, advice, or guidelines to this form.

Note that by submitting this form, you’d be granting Asana permission to use your quote, attributed to you, in web pages, social posts, blogs, and more. The form will close on April 10, 2020.

We look forward to reading and featuring your advice!



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