How do you save email and retain jpeg preview?

I’m attempting to save emails with jpeg and pdf attachments into tasks using the Outlook add-in. When I save an email, it only adds the jpegs or pdf as an attachment and I lose the thumbnail view compared to me adding them from my desktop. Is there a way to save these so I don’t need to save first then drag over to Asana?

Hi @Joe_Pod and thank you for reaching out!

I use the Gmail add-on and when I create a task from an email with attachments I do see the thumbnail view within the task for jpeg. To be completely honest, I don’t know if the behaviour you are getting is expected or not but I’m more than happy to investigate this further. Would you mind sending me a screenshot of the task created using the Outlook add-in?

Thank you Joe! Looking forward to your reply!


Thanks for the reply. Here is what I am doing and what I’m experiencing;

  • In Outlook, using the Asana add-in to find the task (Task is CAD/Renderings for Cali Drawing 2017)

  • Once the task is found, I’m clicking “Add Email as Comment”

  • The entire email is added along with all attachments (see the files shown that are attached)

  • When you scroll through the task, there is no thumbnail of the jpeg images (or PDF)

  • On a side note, it adds our email signatures with company logos and Facebook, Instagram logos that are also in the signature. Not sure how to change that

I’ve looked through settings and can’t see a place where I can adjust how this attaches or previews. Any help is greatly appreciated!