How do you run meetings in Asana?

Hello, Everyone! I am not sure I understood the whole topic, but my point is:
I have aproximadatelly 30 projects on may Asana board. Each project has its meetings. Also, I go to 5-8 meetings per week. I can’t create a new project each meeting I go.

My question is: how to use Asana for meeting minutes “inside” the project?

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Hi we are experiencing the same issue here, also lot to projects and and multiple meetings in one project. @Mauro_Kusznir did you figure anything out for this?

I currently thinking to make 1 agenda project for each project, from the “task”-project you then add tasks also to the “meetings”-projects. If new tasks rises you can add them to the meeting project and later move them to the tasks project.

Hello! Glad being not the only one to face this issue. Well, how I am managing this today (clearly not the best option, but…):

1 - I’ve created a project named “meeting minutes”. Each meeting I attend I take notes in this “project”
2 - Then I add this task (where I took the notes) to the project which it refers to
3 - In each project, I created a section named “Meeting Minutes”, “to do”, “pending”

The good thing is that I can assignee this task to whoever is in charge. It is working so far, but I’m sure there are better ways to do itMM

Hi, thanks for your replay. I am going te experiment with a same kind of structure. Planning to have one section in the project “Meeting” (where we place agenda items) and a seperate “Meeting Minutes” and the “agenda” tasks will be in both projects. The action points from the meeting I wil work out in the project it self, as you do the same.

I will send an update to share my experiences.

I hope other people will share there workflow how they handle meetings with a lot of seperate projects in Asana.

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@Valentijn_Kok @Mauro_Kusznir
Not sure if this helps, but I often create a ‘meetings’ section within a project. Under the meetings section, I make a template agenda task. Every meeting, we copy that task, and rename it with the meeting date.
I like to keep the notes easily available, so we don’t complete the tasks, but you could complete them if you want it to look cleaner.

The actual agenda template task looks a bit like this

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I think this is great, Very useful. Tks for sharing

great advice, THANK YOU!
I have the added goals of making the meeting recurring, keeping a running list of notes and tasks from each meeting in ONE place, and make sure the meeting shows up in everyone’s My Tasks Calendar. My team is very small and very remote. Plus, the meeting is a general a check in (like a scrum) with the same generic agenda. For my specific needs here is what I’m thinking:

  1. Create a “Master” Meeting Task assigned to myself, set due time to the start time, set recurrence for weekly, paste the generic agenda in the description, in the subtasks area create a section (Tab+N) for each date of the meeting (ex: all the Mondays in Q1)
  2. Add folks invited to the meetings as collaborators so they can see and edit my Master Meeting Task, and they get updates in case they miss a meeting. (Additionally, one stakeholder doesn’t attend the meetings but wants to be able to see the notes, so I add them as a collaborator, too.)
  3. **To make sure each person invited to the meetings has this meeting in their own “MY TASKS”… I duplicate my Master Meeting Task MINUS the subtasks (deselect), and in the description paste a link to my Master Meeting Task. Assign the person invited to this newly duplicated meeting. Repeat for all invited persons. (tip: I then duplicate the duplicated one)
  4. TO USE: During meetings, in my Master Meeting Task, under the appropriate subtask section I can add action items (as sub tasks) as needed and assign said subtask to the appropriate person so that the action item appears in his/her “my tasks”.

I sounds a lot, but I only only going to do this once a quarter and as I said, my team is super small.

hmmmm… not sure if this will work because the task link in the description goes back to the first of the recurring meetings. I posted this before fully testing. oops.

ok, no this is working! I tested it, and when the users click to the link to the master meeting they see the notes and it refreshes week to week. the only other thing I’d add is to maybe include a tag for “meeting” so people can easily tell the difference between a task that can be done whenever and “yo! people are going to be here so don’t blow this off”. :slight_smile:

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@Amanda_F thanks for sharing!

maybe another tip for assign a duplicate: if you duplicated the task you can click on task and then on assignee, in the popup sould be option “assign duplicate tasks” available to assign task to multiple asignees at once.

See image below


Thank you for sharing, that is also a good approach. One that I am going to test once :slight_smile:

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An update from my side:

I tested today with an “meetings”-project. With sections:

  • agenda: added taks which I want to discuss
  • Progres project tasks ( i added tasks to meeting-project from the tasks-project from which I want a status update, I type the status update directly in the comment and if we were done I remove the task from the meetings-project.)
  • Action points: new tasks which added during the meeting And decided the due date. After the meeting I assign the correct people added the tasks to the tasks-project and removed it from the meetings-project

Things that I liked:

  • create maintasks and add them later to the correct project. The subtasks stays a bit “hidden” in asana.
  • status update directly in tasks of the tasks-project.

Things that I dislike:

  • we added some tasks that were already in the tasks-project.
  • not a meetings summary

I will need some more meetings to fine tune the technique

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yes! Of course, thanks for the important reminder that we can do them all at once. thanks!

Having a tool to take notes of and detail actions from meetings that I attend every day was one of the key things that attracted me to Asana and was my first use case.

I have used specific a Specific Project for Meetings, have template projects for specific types of meetings, through to just using a dedicated section in a project and then creating a new task for each meeting.

With Asana’s updates recently for Task Templates and utilising Rules and Custom Fields I think it my be time to have a review of how I run my meetings.

I will be reviewing alot of the suggestions in this post for inspiration… Would be very interested if someone has used Task Templates already…


I also am having a difficult time understanding the implementation of this. We have weekly meetings for several different projects. 8-10 meetings a week. How do you store the meeting notes without having a project for each?

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Hey @LeAnna_Foshee welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

You could for example create various columns depending on meeting type or you use the columns as stages etc

Then you could create one task per meeting and the person responsible for taking all notes and ensuring everything is being actioned can add subtasks to the main meeting task.
Then each of these subtasks is assigned and multi-homed. So let‘s say Person A needs to work on a new landing page design, then this task can be multi-homed in the design project also. Person B needs to work on the content, the task can be multi-homed in the content project.

All depends on your set up and there are endless ways in setting things up.

Some also create a column per meeting and then create a task per action item.

I recommend just looking through the forum and the Asana guides to get some more ideas. Over time you will then see which set up works best for you and your team :slight_smile:

Screenshot the tasks. Gives them the info they need, along with a reminder to catch up with current best practices… and use Asana so you can stop doing all that NVA emailing! Best Wishes!