How do you remove the 'Asana-created' priority and task progress from a project ?

I was trying to add more information to other columns to the task table and I have added ‘Priority’ and ‘Task Progress’ that were available in the Asana-created library and now once added, I cannot add other options to them and they appear locked as they are already used in projects and I can’t find anywhere of now removing them from the project - surely it is possible to remove them ?

Hi @zigojacko

Two ways:

  1. from the customized menu, click on the pencil of the custom field you want to edit (hover over the custom field to see the pencil)

  2. in list view, from the drop down caret, you can remove field.


Thanks for your reply @Getz_Pro - I don’t have these options because I’ve worked out that it is locked because it is used in a template.

So I thought I might be able to globally edit the field so it applies to all projects that use that template but nope, I can remove it from the template but can’t edit it (see below)…

You will not be able to edit the Asana default fields.

I suggest creating your own field that you use in project and templates so you can edit if needed.

CAUTION: editing fields that are currently used in projects may break rules. If you simply update a field option name, then you are fine. However, if you delete an option and you data and rules associated with that option, they will break.

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In the template you will have to use the customize.

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Ah got it, thanks very much @Getz_Pro :+1:

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