How do YOU reference emails in Outlook?

Gmail offers unique permalinks to each email.
Outlook… Doesn’t.

What are your best tips and tricks for referencing outlook emails for easy access later?

I include the original subject links in the Task Description so I can pull it and search, but that’s so many clicks. Highlight, copy, switch windows, paste, search…

Got any hacks? Autohotkey setups? Keyboard shortcuts?

Wish I had a good solution here myself. I often attach the actual email file to the Asana task, then download, open, and go from there. It’s a few less clicks and less searching then the method use describe, which I also use.

I’m so jealous of people who use Things and Gmail just for this function.

I paste the email subject…

If the venerable @Bastien_Siebman doesn’t have a better solultion, then there is no better solution.
I’m honored to know I’m using the same method you are :blush:

:rofl: my idea is that emails are 90% noise and 10% useful info. So I don’t want my email to set foot in my Asana ever where things are clean and organized. So I usually copy-paste the email subject if needed to go back, and summarize an email in the comments, never pasting the email itself.

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I’m a few days late to this thread, but wanted to just add on here as the topic caught my eye. I’m a fan of forwarding in e-mails using the email import function ( or the specific project email address. That way everyone who might need to see the item has the full details etc. and it takes it out of the inbox and into Asana. I used to be a big “unread email is my to do list” proponent - but can often lose track of things that way. Now they just all go into Asana whether they need to be assigned to myself or ultimately to someone else. I do have the Asana outlook plug in but more often just use the forward feature (and have projects that I sent to frequently saved as contacts).