How Do You Move Conversations?


Is there a way to move conversations from Team Conversations to a project, or from one project to another project?

This would help a lot with organization.


Alas we’re not able to move conversations. However, if you’d like these interactions to be moveable, you might consider communicating in tasks that can be moved around easily. Out of curiosity, what is making you feel the need to move conversations around @Bryan_Eliacin?


I think you could also ‘@’ them to reference them in another project easily.


It would be great for organization purposes. Some conversations start in Team Conversations and either should have started within a project or end up having information that pertains to a specific project. I would like to move those conversations into their respective projects for easy organization for my team.

My team isn’t exactly as tech savvy or very interested in learning the software so a feature like this would make it very easy to find information they’re looking for. Hopefully in turn help them realize the value.


@Richard_Bair Do you mean creating a conversation in a project then reference the other conversation there? Would that show the other conversation or just link take you to it?


Link to it. Also link will show “Private” if the project you link from ins’t accessible by your users in the first project. Not ideal.


Using links as a solution isn’t as effective. While it works, it seems more like a workaround.
Dragging and dropping a conversation would be much more simple and intuitive. The way Asana’s UI is designed makes it seem as if this would be not only practical but also feasible. Even if it weren’t drag and drop, I feel like any way of moving a conversation would be beneficial to all users. I’m surprised I haven’t found anyone else who sees this as an issue.


I’m with you - this feature would be very useful as well, to handle conversations in Teams that should have been created in a project. We use the “Conversations” view to skim over updates to a project, and a link to the conversation would be (1) easily missed, and (2) chronologically out of order since I would be creating it now, instead of moving a conversation from May.


I have the same issue – almost identical to yours, Bryan. Has it been resolved for you?


I have the same issue - I need to move a conversation from one project to another. I spent a little while playing around to see if I could find how to do it - before finding this thread and, to my surprise, it isn’t already a feature.


I folks! If you’d like to officially suggest this as a feature feel free to create a new post in the #productfeedback section or add to a relevant existing thread.


If only we could move this conversation to the #productfeedback section hahaha.

Thanks Alexis, will do!


Created a new post in #productfeedback. Link here.


I am starting to us Asana to manage mini projects that get lost in email. I jsut had the exact same issue- Started a conversation in a team that should be in a project that has files and tasks associated with it. I see I am writing a year later. Any resolution?


No there was never any further solutions than what was listed here unfortunately.