How do you move a task in a project into another column?


I have a project in a column based view.
I have tasks inside that Project. Call them task 1, Task 2, Task 3.
I have columns or stages if you will. From left to right, Work in progress column, Review column, Approved column.

How do I move a task from Work in progress to the Review Column AND NOT MOVE the whole Project? This seems very basci to Project Management and it feels like Asana won’t allow this. If I set my project up i a task based system that has tasks transitioning from one stage to another the whole project should not have to move.

What am I missing?


Hi @Kenji_Sweeney. In board view you can do it several ways, just drag and drop the task from one column to the next. There is also a drop down next to the project name in the right-hand task pane.


Hopefully that’s what you need, but holler if not.