How do you export a full list of projects in a workspace?


Does anyone know if there’s a way to export all the project names in the workspace? I’m trying to get them into Google Sheets.

I know you can do this if you put each project in your dashboard, but then my dashboard becomes unwieldy.

Let me know if you guys know of anything.



Hi Chris,
Not an uncommon question! We’ve discussed this in the thread here Project List Export.

I’m going to take the liberty of adding your post to the existing thread, so we can consolidate information and continue all conversation on the subject there.


@Chris_Stadler Did you manage to find a solution to this in the referenced thread that works for you?

You’ve seen this already, @Joseph_Simons, but I wanted to update this thread with the answer.



Thank you.

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Is there a way around the “visible to me” limitation? I exported the list of users from the Admin console and can see the teams and projects they are a member of. I’d like report on the Teams including # of Projects (and how active those projects are). But some of the projects I can see exist in the CSV export from Asana, but not through this api (presumably because they are Private and/or I’m not a Member of/Invited To them.

My solution: have a developer set up a script in Google Sheets to pull active projects from Asana through its API. It’s probably not a practical answer for everyone. Good luck!


That works. Thanks Chris.


Service Accounts (what you’re asking for) and Full-Org Exports are Enterprise features:

Otherwise, you need a user with access, as is discussed here: