How do you create those nifty images?


I was reading this article just released today and couldn’t help but notice…

That “animated gif”-type image which demonstrates how to access the new feature… does anybody know a tool that allows you to create smooth sequences like this?

I’d love to look at doing something like this for our own support articles.


Hi there! You can create that type of image using a standard screen capture / gif creator. You can find them by doing a Google search.


You can use LICEcap


Also on Mac OS with Quicktime you can screen-capture


Thanks @Alexis! Do you have a specific recommendation on what your team uses? Or does each person who is writing the article do their own google search and figure it out the way you described?


@Bastien_Siebman I use a MAC so the windows software you recommended is out… I did not know you could screen cap to an animated GIF using native MAC. I’m look for a tool that simplifies this.


Sorry for the hope, QuickTime does not give a GIF. LiceCAP works fine on MAC why do you say this?


Hi there! We’re not able to endorse specific products :slight_smile: but I recommend that you conduct a Google search or follow the recommendations from community members here.