How do you create a task template?

Is there a way to create a drag and drop template for tasks?

I have a morning ritual that I like to do each day. I feel like being able to have an excel document and dropping the list of tasks into asana would be a simple method.

I’ve been using the reoccurring task but for some reason when it repeats in the subtask it looks very unorganized.

What would you recommend for this?

@Ethan_Schneider, If you have the tasks elsewhere and they’re simple–just task names–did you know you can just copy them (multiple lines) and then paste in an empty task in Asana; it will create the set of them one after the other. This also works starting in an empty subtask.

If the content is more complex–like task names with subtasks, due dates, etc, then the Duplicate Task menu item at the top right of the detail pane is the way to go.

Hope one of those helps,



you could also just set those tasks to recurring due dates, they would automatically come back every day without you doing anything!

So cool! thanks for the tip!

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Thanks you! I am now keeping the tasks in a note pad to drag and drop into there.

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