How do you completely delete a team?


I’m trying to delete a team in my organization that no one uses, and no one knows who created it. Is it possible to remove a team completely?



@Becky_Montchal, if you click on the gear icon next to the team name, and navigate to the “Advanced” tab, you should see the option to “Delete team…” at the bottom of the modal. That will delete all Tasks and Projects in that Team, so proceed with caution!


The only two options that exist with the gear icon are “Become a Full Member of Customer Service” and “Start a conversation by email” - I did not create this team, and no one at my company knows how it got there.


You can only delete the Team if you are a member of the team. Do you know who created the team, or any of the other members? They will see Delete Team as an option. If not, you can write into support and ask them to help enable you to delete the team (

As a note, premium organizations have additional admin functionality to allow them to manage and delete teams from a central console. Wanted to mention that has a helpful aside if your team ever opts to upgrade :slight_smile:


Great! Thank you Sara


Hi Sara,

We are a premium organisation but I can’t find where I can delete or set up teams.

Could you please explain that to me?



Me too. I’m the admin of the team and yet I cannot delete a team. The button to delete is not showing up. I tried converting the team to Hidden and back, to no avail. What’s the solution for this?


Hi @NoliSJ :wave:t3:Have you already tried to follow this path:

  • In the sidebar, click on the “…” next to your Team’s name
  • Select “Edit Team Settings”
  • Navigate to the “Advanced” Tab
  • Click on “Delete” at the bottom of the dialog box



Yes, that’s the most familiar step to me. After the MEMBER APPROVAL section, and the HARVEST INTEGRATION section, there’s no Delete button available. Note that we are in a Division plan and I’m just wondering if that’s the reason for this.

Fyi, I also tried the beta Admin page but no luck there too.

Is it possible there are projects that I’m not seeing that’s preventing the Delete button from showing up?




Thanks for the quick follow-up!

Yes, if the Team you’re trying to delete belongs to the Division, you will first need to remove it from the Division, you should then see the option to delete it. Reach out to our support team, they will be able to assist you with removing the Team from the division! :slight_smile:

To reach out to support: > “I’m having trouble with” > Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Let’s chat”.