How do make sure the user is a guest?



We have invited a user to a project using an email address that is not our organisation URL. However I can’t see if ASANA is considering him a guest or not - I saw something that said he needed a globe next to his name but I can’t see that view anywhere - how can I check ASANA is counting him as a guest and not a full user? And is it correct that guests are not counted in your headcount in terms of billing.


Hi @Lahnae_Cleaver. I click on my own profile picture in the top-right and navigate to “Organization Settings”. Then, click on “Members”. There under membership data, you should see the “type” of each member. A guest will have Guest beside their name with a globe icon.


thank you @Crystal_Alifanow - are you an admin on your account?


I am. Are you not and unable to see them?


Yes that’s correct – I might need to see if I can become an admin.