How do I use a form within a task?

Hello. When I click on Forms at the top it brings up the form editor, but I have no way to integrate the form into a task. I want to use a request form for my tech team so that things stay organized and they essentially get “work orders” and cut down on tasks and subtasks within the Systems main project for my tech team.

Hi @Chris_Winsey,

Can you say a little bit more about what you’re wanting/expecting forms to do? It’s a bit unclear when you say “I have no way to integrate the form into a task.”

When an Asana form that’s created in a project is filled out, it creates a new task in that project. Depending on how you construct the form, that task might have custom fields filled in based on entries the submitter enters into form fields, the task may be assigned to a user, and the values they enter into the form fields will always be included in the body of that task.

What are you interested in that’s in addition to or different from the above?

Also, here’s some info on how forms work that might be helpful if you haven’t seen it yet:

I still don’t understand. I have no way of filling out the form to use. All it lets me do is create and edit the form for format. It doesn’t provide a way for me to use the form every time I have a request for one of my techs . My understanding is a form should be re-usable hence no need to start from scratch on tasks. It seems a secret how to use it other than create it. :- )

Ah OK, I can see the reason for your confusion!

After the form is created, you have people (either internal Asana users or people external to your Asana system) fill out the form by supplying them with a link to the form. Here is how/where you get that link:

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Phil -
Do you know if more than one form can be created / used within a project?

Hi @Mallory_Brentlinger and welcome to the forum!

No, you can only have one form per project.

Having multiple forms in a project is a popular request, though, and you can add your vote for this capability here:

I didn’t think so… Just wanted to double check,
Thanks - I have submitted my vote :slight_smile:

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