How do I un-merge organisations?


I had 2 companies. They were merged as organizations into 1 Asana account.

One of the companies no longer exists IRL. I need to remove it from my profile. I either want to delete the organization entirely (ideal) or simply unmerge it and keep it separate from my active account.

I have ‘downgraded’ the unwanted account but cannot reassign billing and I cannot unmerge it from my log-in.

I have 3rd party apps that I need to synch with the active organization but they ‘grab’ the unwanted organization instead.

I really need to un-merge the organizations and/or delete the old one.

All help welcome and appreciated.


Hey @Julie_A_Petrilli, you should be able to leave this Organization followin the steps in this article:

If you wish to delete the Organization all together, I’d recommend taking a look at this article:

Hope this helps!