How do I track "non-project" related tasks?

An example would be our “Finance” team. They have things that they need to do on a regular basis such as:

  • Add new expenses to QuickBooks every Monday
  • Review budgets at the end of every month
  • Remit taxes at the end of every quarter

These aren’t really projects; they’re ongoing tasks that the department needs to do definitely.

What is the best way to organize these?

Hi Linda,

Personally, I would create a ‘project’ to track all regular Finance Team workflow. Depending on how many tasks and what areas within Finance this might be several projects or one project with multiple sections. If these are regularly occurring tasks I would just set the task to repeat accordingly. Remember the projects in Asana don’t have to be true projects based on the definition. They can be catalogs of information, documentation of workflow, or really anything else that you want to use the space for. Don’t let the term project hold you back from using the space.

I hope that helps,

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@Linda5, I agree with @Katie_Reynolds. I will often create a single project called “Main” (or similar) whenever I create a new team and it’s not otherwise clear what projects are needed. Just use this for everything, potentially with sections, until it becomes clear that other projects are needed, then it’s easy to move tasks subsequently.

Hope that helps,


In addition to @Katie_Reynolds and @lpb ideas, you can also create reports with Advanced Search. For instance I have a report “Task I assigned to someone” or “Task without projects” and in one click I can check those saved reports on a regular basis.

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