How do I stop the view changing when I click on the grey background?


In task view, I find myself clicking on the grey background a lot. It’s mostly absent-minded, because my finger is resting on the mouse button. When I click, the task scoots over to the right and the timeline view opens in the rest of the window.

How do I stop this?

It is deeply frustrating, needless and unintuitive behaviour. I do, in fact, hate it, with hate from the depths of hell. It’s that bad.

Please help

Hi @Jack_White, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for this feedback :slight_smile:

It is not currently possible to prevent the task pane closing when clicking the Timeline background. I can understand how this might be frustrating!

I’ll keep you posted if any changes are made to this functionality! :slight_smile:

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