How do I stop pop up notifications when creating/copying/deleting a task?

Please, do something with this, these pop-ups are very annoying.

I agree with this - a quite counterproductive feature. I just started using Asana and overall I like it, but the little unnecessary bugging features that can’t be turned off are a major downside (activity feeds is another). Why have them? If some people need them but they annoy many others, why not provide the option to turn them off?

Hi Marie. Could you link to that other thread please? or is it this one?

I was referring to this post Disable "growl" notifications lower left of screen @A_K, which I’ve merged with the thread we’re currently discussing on.

Hope this helps!

How to we find out if this is going to be updated anytime soon? This original thread was created a year ago now.


100% useless feature and a hindrance if you work with automation.

One more request to adjust these. I appreciate the convenience of the toast coming up when a task is marked complete and vanishes – the fleeting undo has sometimes been helpful. However, there are other job status notifications that seem to linger and stack without a timer, usually around project creation. One the one hand, it’s nice to get a heads-up that a project based off a complicated templated with lots of dependencies has been created, because I do often move along to other things while I wait. However, I think those should still be on some kind of timer: either I’ve seen the notice but am too busy elsewhere on my screen to notice it and send it away, or I’ve stepped away from the machine for a few minutes and just reasonably expect the project to have been made. But right now, the most I notice the job status notices is when they get in the way of expanding a team or selecting a project, and they are not vanishing on their own as I’d expect them to.

While it’s not an ideal solution, you can use the uBlock Origin extension to block these annoying popups.

Simply trigger one of the popups, then enter into Zapper element mode within the uBlock plugin, then hover over the popup until it captures the entire container of the element, then click it. Voila. It’s blocked.

You’ll need to do this for each type of Toast that triggers. However, if you set it by the element it should block them all. The class to block is .ToastManager.

Hi guys,
So can we do it already or not?