How do I send a task to upcoming or later in iOS app? (version 8.77.0)

I am using the new “select multiple tasks” in the new iOS app and love this feature. I see how I can alter the section of these selected tasks but my selection picker is not giving me “upcoming” or “later” as options.

How do I easily send task or tasks to upcoming or later on my iOS app?

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Hi @Jason_Martell, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Do you have Upcoming and Later sections built into your My Tasks on the web browser/desktop version? Due to the recent update to My Tasks, Upcoming and Later sections are no longer automatically created.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. :slight_smile:

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you beat me to it @Rebecca_McGrath

@Jason_Martell once you select your tasks, look at the bottom of your iphone screen and you will see a greyed tab with 2 arrows up and down and titled section. Whatever sections you have created in your My Tasks Page will appear there and you will beable to select!

Hope this helps too.

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I do have them on the web browser version yes…they were not generated by me but are the ones that have been a part of Asana since we started using it. Should I create them again even though I see them on the web browser?

Jason Martell

Hi Jason,

You should not need to create them again.
Can you try moving tasks into a different section in any other project? If that works, then this might be a bug worth reporting.

You can do so on here: Asana Support - Help Center • Asana
Select: I am having trouble - with Asana Mobile app


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Good morning, I am able to move tasks to another section in any other project and in my tasks I am able to see and move tasks into any of my other sections I have created. It just doesn’t show upcoming and later at the bottom of the list (screenshot attached).

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Ah! Thanks for the screen shot. I would say def raise it as a ticket with support team. I do not think this is how the app should behave.

Sorry you are experiencing this difficulty on the app.

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