How do I see who has invited certain team members?


Sooo… one week in and there are people we don’t know in the Asana app. How do I find out who was invited by whom? Is there a way? Thanks so much!


Maybe can help?


Thank you! I emailed them first thing. I was just hoping someone would know since it takes them so long to respond sometimes. :slight_smile:


I think you can’t know… @Julien_RENAUD any idea?


Argh… this is so frustrating!


Are you Premium?
If yes then you can get a csv file with many information on the members: how they login, date of last activity,… and also the teams they belong to and all the projects they are involved in.
Thus you cannot see who invited them, but you have cluesto guess as you know to which project they participate and as you may know at least the project’s owner.
Hope that helps :wink:


Thank you, Julien! I really appreciate it! I will do that. We have no idea where he came from. LOL We’re a small team so someone must have invited him in.


OK you just need to be an administrator to be able to download the csv file.
I’m one of the administrators in my company and we usually find who invited who with the solution I explained in my previous message.


I think I’ve got it narrowed down now. You’re awesome! Thanks!!!