How do I see all of my projects

Hi, everyone. I am sure this is easy, so I apologize. I am on the home page of Asana and I can see only the 20 most recent projects I have worked on, out of about 40 that I am using. This is a bit of a nuisance because I have to use the search feature, and I sometimes don’t know the precise name of the project.

Is there a way that I can all of my projects - old and new, active and inactive - at the same time?


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@Jack, You can see all your projects in the left sidebar (Tab-O to toggle open/closed) but you’ll have to expand all your teams to see them. Another solution is to use Asana Overview ( which @Bastien_Siebman created to give an overview of all teams and projects within your organization.

Hope that helps,



Wow…how about that. Thanks, Larry!


I knew my tool would be useful :heart_eyes: