How do I remove a project from my sidebar?

I was involved in a couple of projects, but have since made another team member the owner of those projects and also removed myself entirely from those projects. They still show up in my side bar, even after I logged out and logged back in. How can I get these projects to stop showing up in my sidebar?

I would just delete them using the … next to the name.

You can also tap the 3 dots next to project name and click “archive project” rather than deleting it.

I don’t think I can delete it or archive them, since another team member took over them. If I delete or archive the projects, that will affect my team member that’s still using them, right? Or does it just delete/archive for my account?

Hi @Jamie_Goss, I wouldn’t recommend deleting them, especially if some of your colleagues have tasks assigned to them. But if this project is listed in your favorites, you can easily remove it by clicking the little star next to the project title (How to navigate Asana | Product guide • Asana).

If the project you’re referring to appears below your favorites and reports, listed under your team, there is currently no good way to remove it as this project list isn’t customizable. You might want to add your vote to How to navigate Asana | Product guide • Asana or create a new #productfeedback thread :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Thank you @Marie! I am not currently using the Favorites function, so I’ll start doing that since I’m not able to remove the projects from my projects lists.

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