How do I re-create a tasks original creation date? [Project templates]



How do I re-create a tasks original creation date?
I find it frustrating when using old projects tasks in my template, and the progress start date is last year, when it should be today. The result is the ‘progress’ view shows tasks originating a year back!



Hi Jyri,

Have you considered copying a project template to create a brand new project rather than relying on an old project with old tasks? While we are not able to manipulate task creation date at this time, it does sounds like the more productive solution for you would be to create a new project altogether.

Here are two related resources:

Please let me know your thoughts and if you have questions.


Thank you for your prompt response.

I am currently using Asana free versio,n and after trying to create a new project, I lack the “Project templates” feature/ menu?


@Jyri as a free user there are a few ways that you’ll be able to create a template. The one I recommend most is to copy a project and put the word TEMPLATE next to it. For example: Marketing Launch TEMPLATE.

Here is an example of how my colleague Kaitie creates a template project. She includes a screenshot of what this project looks like:

Here you’ll find general information on creating template projects with or without the premium version of Asana.

To clarify, in Asana premium we offer a custom Templates feature. However, you can use the naming convention and the “copy project” feature I describe above in order to create your own set of project templates in the free version of Asana.