How do I list all organizations projects by name

I would just like to list all the organization’s projects by name? Is that possible?


I created a tool called Overview by iDO which could help listing projects! You can also use the advanced search now and toggle to the Projects tab.

Hey @Joshua_Smith2,

You could also create a custom report that points at the org or certain teams. If you go the custom report route then it will also update automatically as the project progresses. To dive deeper into the report you can add filters to focus on specific areas.

Hi @Bastien_Siebman

On the iDO page, when I click to see overview, it requests access to our asana account. I’d rather see the functionality first before granting access to our account. Is that possible?

Hi @Daniel04

I’ve tried the reports but I can’t find one that just lists the projects in sorted order by project name. Can you tell me which report I can use for that?

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This might do the trick.

  1. Reporting
  2. Within your dashboard > Add Chart
  3. Add Custom Chart
  4. Include tasks from > Select your org or specific team
  5. Leave defaults for X and Y-axis
  6. Add filters if you want

Hi @Daniel04

Thanks for your help! I’ve tried that method, but unfortunately it’s not what I want. I’d like just a simple tabular list of projects that I can sort by project name. Maybe a few additional columns for #completedTasks, #uncompletedTasks, #contributors. Charts are great for show, but they don’t really help with management. Also the charts don’t even show the full project name, which is quite a hindrance. Actually … is there even a way to create a report in tabular format?

@Joshua_Smith2 my tool Overview has a CSV export which would fit your need. Below are screenshots of the tool + CSV export.

Hi @Bastien_Siebman

Thanks for these screen pics. This does look just like what I’d like. I want to try out iDO, but I don’t have authority to give it access to our organization’s Asana account without seeing screen pics and more description of it. Is that available?

You can email me at, I provided screen pics, not sure what else I can do :slight_smile:

Thank you Bastien. I just now sent an email.

They took the time and energy to program unicorns that fly across the screen when we complete milestones, but alphabetizing is apparently outside their skillset.

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