How do I keep consistency in a task's color when viewing the task in timeline across multiple projects?

Hi all, sorry if someone has already asked this, but I really couldn’t find an answer. I use Asana almost exclusively in timeline view. I have 2 different projects, which have differing sections and custom fields. These projects share a few tasks. When I add a task from Project A to Project B, I can successfully specify the section it should appear in. However, I’ve assigned colors to my Project A tasks using custom fields (which happen to correspond to their section), and I’m looking for a way for that color to carry over into Project B’s timeline. Is this possible without having the same custom fields in both projects? Right now, when I copy a task from Project A to Project B and view in timeline, the task doesn’t retain its color but seems to assume the color I assigned to Project A as a whole—i.e., in my projects menu, I selected orange for Project A to help me find it. Now when I copy a task from Project A to Project B, it appears orange as if to indicate which project it came from. Would love any tips/tricks/advice on this! Thank you.

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As you have very well explained, if a task is nested in more than one project, the color of the referred task in Project B’s timeline will be the color set for Project A. This is by default and it is currently not possible to modify this behaviour. Please, have a look at this handy guide article to learn more about setting colors on Timeline:

Please, let me know if you have any follow-up question!

The colors of a task in a timeline seems very complicated indeed, depending on the project-custom fields-tags you have, the color changes. I planned on trying to understand it all soon!