How do I get rid of the 'Due today' messages in my inbox?


Last week Asana started sending a message to my inbox for every task that is due that day? This is information I’m already aware of from my task list, and I don’t want it cluttering up my inbox. Is there a way to turn off these messages?


I guess this is a regular notification. Did you consider moving to Asana Inbox? This is awesome :slight_smile:


What do you mean “moving to Asana Inbox”? That’s where these notifications are showing up. I’ve been using Asana for about two years, and only started getting the “due today” messages in the past week. Previously I just got messages when someone else interacted with tasks I’m following, which is how I prefer it.


Hey @Connie,

you can turn off Task reminders at your Profile Settings in “To Email” tab.

@Bastien_Siebman proposed (and I agree with him) to turn off all the email notifications and stay updated using only Asana inbox, the notifications center of Asana.


Maybe you started using Due Dates only recently? Or Asana changed things internally, but I have been having those notifications for a long time.

Thanks @Diakoptis for your answer.


Hey all,

I think @Connie meant filtering the notifications in the Asana Inbox, so it does not show the reminders for tasks due that day. I don’t think this has anything to do with email.

Either way, I would also love to be able to filter those messages out, since (as Connie said) the first thing I check in the morning are my tasks. To see what happened while I was gone, I have to first archive all the notifications for my due tasks of the day before actually getting to the activity (which I am interested in). This costs me a few minutes every morning.

I don’t think Asana offers this feature at the moment though. Does anyone have a work around?



+1 for ability to turn off Inbox due date reminders. I am using Calendar view as default and it’s especially irrelevant for me to have due dates in inbox.


Hey all, there’s a thread/suggestion here, please vote if you’d like to see a change =)

@Tom_Suberg @Diakoptis @Bastien_Siebman (@moderators for merging)

although I’m not sure why you’d just now be receiving the notifications @Connie, it’s always been like that for me for 2+ years.


Thanks for all the suggestions. @Tom_Suberg, you’re correct that this has nothing to do with my email inbox. I thought maybe Asana changed something recently, since I’ve never seen this before, and I haven’t changed any of my settings, but it sounds like maybe I was just lucky not to get them before now. Here’s another product feedback suggestion on the same topic if anyone wants to throw another vote that way: Customising the Asana inbox


I’m using Asana for more than 3 years and got the Inbox due date reminders just in the last few months, it’s very annoying.


Is anyone from Asana doing something about this? It is really annoying to have notifications about task due dates in Asana Inbox.


Agreed. I personally find these not useful at all.


Thank you all for your feedback on our “Due Today” inbox notification feature!

Many members have noted that this has been helpful for them to stay on track of Tasks that havent been marked complete on the day that they are due.

That said, feedback like yours here has been quite insightful, which has been relayed to our developers.

Should we have any changes to this we look forward to sharing the news of it here.

Hope this finds you all well!


I’m a little surprised by the reaction here.

The “Due Today” messages are useless (just click on “my tasks” to see what’s due"), annoying (having to sift through this daily is a chore), and counterproductive (gets in the way of meaningful messages from team members.

This is a huge issue in my book and interferes with communication with team members, and is the reason I believe conversations are so bad on Asana.


worse still: Asana sends out the “due today” notifications at midnight. So using the mobile app I always get a zapp at midnight, reminding me of work and tasks when out with friends or brushing my teeth to get ready for bed. Not the best “goodnight”-message… :wink:


I do agree that the midnight timing is less than pleasant. It seems that around 6am - the industry standard for email sends - would be ideal.


I just found what I think is the answer to this under My profile settings > Hacks tab > Disable Notifications for Tasks Starting & Due Today: Stop receiving notifications in your Inbox for tasks starting or due today.

Have just turned it on so can’t confirm it’s working yet, but worth a try!


I’ve just found and turned this one too! Will be great if it works! Will see tomorrow


Hey @Connie/@Bastien_Siebman/@Diakoptis/@Tom_Suberg/@kshengelia/@Caisha/@Neyl/@Michal_Hudecek/@paulminors/@Michael-EF/@Martin_Prechelmacher/@Crystal_Alifanow !

Our team of developers have integrated your feedback into a “Turn off Due Today inbox” notice button, that should now appear in the Hacks section of your Personal Profile Section.

You can navigate to this space by Go to the Hacks tab of your Profile Settings to enable or disable any Hack. Click the Reload to Apply Changes button to save your changes.

Thank you all again for sharing your feedback on this feature. It’s really helped us fine tune how best to deliver the functionality of this product feature.


This is great @Michael_A. Thanks a lot!