How do I fork a workflow?

So, when an agreement is signed, I want 2 things to happen:

  1. A new project is created to start work on execution of the agreement; and
  2. The agreement is moved from the signing stage to the stamping stage.
    These 2 items need to happen simultaneously triggered by the completion of the signing stage.
    Right now, it seems that workflows can only move linearly. That is, when I create a rule to do both those items, what I see happening is this: the task is moved to the Stamping stage, and then immediately converted into a project. How do I make it such that the task remains as an action item in the Stamping stage, while also becoming a project in of itself?

Is this your main issue, the fact that the task is “completed” when turned into a project?

That’s right. And your question caused me to wonder whether I can just set a rule to mark task as incomplete. But that didn’t work. Basically when a task is converted to a project, it isn’t marked as complete, instead it’s labelled as ‘converted’, and then to reopen the task, you have to press ‘re-open task’, you can’t ‘mark incomplete’.

hmmm, do you have a solution?

In cases like these I would rely on my assistant. With a rule I would create a subtask “Reopen task” assigned to her, and she would get it done every day. Quick and easy.

Thanks for your help bastien. That would definitely work. And I suppose having human intervention is inevitable! :laughing:

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