How do I follow tag?

I’ve followed one tag in my inbox somehow. It’s helpful, but I cant find this feature anymore for other tags. Was it removed?


Hi @Sergey! My name is Katie, and I’m a product manager here at Asana. Following tags is pretty useful and powerful! Here’s how you can follow more:

  1. Navigate to the tag view- you can do this either by searching for the tag, or if you have the tag on a particular task, click on that tag.
  2. Click ‘follow tag’ in the upper right header of the view (see attached)

Hope that helps!


Hi, what is the effect of following a tag? Does this mean that every modification to the tagged task will give us a notification in our InBox? Thanks.

No. You will get an inbox notification when somebody tags a task with the tag.

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Hi Katie - I am wondering if I can follow multiple tags. For example I have a tag for my client name and then a tag ‘timeline’. Can I follow both tags in one follow if that makes sense…so I can see ‘client name’ and ‘timeline’ in the same screen.

Not sure if helpful, but you could also save an “advanced search” to at least be able to see those tasks on a regular basis.