How do I edit a comment



Is there any possibility to see the previous version of the comment that has been edited?


Not at the moment @Alejandro_Theodosopo; this option is available for task description but not for comments!


The feature would become much more reliable if we could see the changes in the comments.


Sounds like a great opportunity to create a new thread in our #productfeedback category @Alejandro_Theodosopo :wink:


I don’t have any of these drop downs come up. Is this for the paid version only?


Hi @ariane_cap and welcome to the Forum!

That does sound strange, the "edit comment feature is available for all users, including free ones! Could you please send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Hopefully, this will help to understand what’s going on! Just make sure to add your whole browser window and to hide any personal information!

Looking forward to your replky!