How do I edit a comment



Once I’ve created and added a Comment to a Task, how do I make a change to it?


Hi @martindholmes; Michael from Asana here!

As of now, once you comment on a Task the only time you’re able to edit a comment is if you select the “Undo” link that appears within a 15 second window after you post it. After that time, you are unable to edit a comment.

I’ve posted a screenshot below for you to reference this link in your newly posted comment

Undo Button

Hope this helps!


After first 15 seconds, when Undo becomes unavailable the only workaround is to

  1. copy the comment into comment box,
  2. correct it,
  3. post another time and
  4. delete the original comment


Thanks! That’s what I’ll do. “Edit” would be nice, though.


Hey @martindholmes

You can vote for that feature here:


This is one way but it only works within a 15 second window.
A better way is to use Zoho Projects or Wrike.
They both allow their comments to be edited.
Is there some technical reason Asana doesn’t allow it? Logging or something? How did your competitors overcome it?
I am evaluating Zoho and Wrike and Asana and it seems like this is a show-stopper for Asana. Is there any hope to have this feature added it seems very fundamental.


I am fine with the way Asana works. This puts one in the need to re-read the comment before posting, that is “Good Thing ™”. Such re-reading not only makes one correct spelling errors, but also allows deeper restructuring comment to make it better.

The Asana’s approach still allows for corrections in fast interactive workflows, when task comments are considered to be chat-like, i.e. when one had written one-liner comment there is no need to re-read before posting, you just post it, then read it, and you stil, have 15 sec to re-edit it, in case you noticed spelling error or something. Other participants of this interactive workflow will be treated properly as well, they’ll see your comment for a short period of time and then it’ll disappear while you correct it, and will get it again once you post it.

There is a lot of mental mechanics built into Asana comment editing rules, and I think it is quite good to highlight Asana product amongst competitors.


I would go one step further Martin… I think edit should be required.

I’m a bit taken back that’s once it’s written beyond 15 seconds, it’s set in stone.

No joy.


Thanks Mark, just did!


My favorite for years has been TeamWork Projects, and yup, they allow edits


Stay tuned folks; change is afoot…


Not sure if this is live with everyone, but I just saw this tonight and I had to do a double take when I went to pin a comment.


Hi all! @Caisha, @Matthew_Gregory, @Myroslav_Opyr, @Vic_Elias, @Mark_Hudson, @martindholmes. The new “Edit comment” feature has now been rolled out to all our customers! our guide article ( will be updated in the next 24 hours! :slight_smile:


This is massive. Just today I wanted to edit a comment, I went to it, clicked into it, and edited to my hearts content. Big thanks for listening to the customers! Much appreciated!


Thanks for your kind words @Matthew_Gregory, Il’l make sure to pass them on to our Team! :slight_smile:


This is ace! Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. Thanks, @Marie!


Thanks for listening and responding!


Now that IS RESPONSIVE! Well done Asana!


A big thanks to the Asana customer support team for being responsive and adding this feature.

However, the progress report / status messages still cannot be edited. It would be incredibly useful to have editing available for all comments and messages left in the Asana interface. Are you working on adding edit functionality to the progress messages section? Or is there some reason why these messages won’t be editable?


Thanks for your words & adding your input @Erin_Becker!

Our /product-feedback category would be the best place to log your interest in this feature update.
I recommend you take a look & post this feature request there (if someone has not already made this request).