How do I determine a main project for tasks in Calendar view?

I have a team that I use to organize my daily tasks, with projects being sorted by the type of tasks included in them. I’m also a part of a larger team in our org that is on a paid plan, so I use have a private Eat the Frog/Eisenhower/Pomodoro project in there that I use custom fields in to organize and prioritize my tasks. Since I’ve added this project, however, my tasks that I put into it from my personal team have changed their appearance in my calendar view for that team.

Essentially, before I had my calendar all nice and color-coded, and I could easily see what I needed to do broken down by days. I really like that view, especially for my board projects. But now everything is one color, as it shows tasks as a part of my productivity project instead, and then shows all the other projects it is in and custom fields it has in the little boxes inside it. This is confusing and I would much rather have my productivity project be in the background instead of front and center. Is there a way to change it?

I think the order of the custom fields on a task for example is based on the order the task was added to the projects they belong to. Maybe it is the same here! If you run a manual test (have a task leave and rejoin your colored project) you’ll be able to confirm.