How do I create a user that has an overview of all projects & tasks within a team but cannot edit or comment on them?

We are operating a team structure with multiple projects and would like to permit ‘observers’ (who aren’t part of the team) to see our workload (projects & tasks) but aren’t able to edit or comment. We’d also like these ‘observers’ to be able to add ‘requests’ that we can review and assign to team members and projects perhaps using a backlog function (a bit like a ticketing system). What’s the best approach?

Hi @Terry_Price :wave:t3:

I’m afraid there is no easy solution to achieve what you’re looking for! You can add colleagues as Limited Access Members to your Projects and set their permissions to Comment-Only, but unfortunately this won’t prevent them from being able to action certain things (see the Section called " Individual user project permissions" in

Hopefully this is something we can improve in the future!