How do I create a default view that has all Sections closed?

The default view when i click on a Project is that the Sections are open/expanded so that I can see all of the tasks inside. This is a lot of information for me. Plus it means I have to close all of the open sections to view just the Section Tasks that I want to work on.

I would like the default view to be so that all of the Sections are closed, and that I open the ones that I want to see.

How do I accomplish this?

USE CASE: I am using this software to manage my daily life. I am a person with a Traumatic Brain Injury with executive functioning deficits.

EXAMPLE: One of my Projects is ADLs: Activities of Daily Living.
I have Morning, Afternoon and Evening as Sections.
I have a list of things I must do at each section of the day under each heading.

I have not been using Morning and Afternoon anymore BECAUSE I have a PCA staff member here who knows the routine and does all that stuff, but I am flying solo in the Evening right now.

I do not want to delete Morning and Afternoon Sections because when I train a new staff member, they will need this information.

I would like all the Sections to be closed and then force the user to open just the Section that is relevant to them. This would be one click to open, versus 2 clicks and a lot of scrolling to close them when they are open.

Also it’s frustrating to me because of my short term memory loss…to have to do all that just to get to the part that I want. It’s a barrier to using the system for me.

Do you know of a way to set the default of the Project to have all the Sections closed?

Welcome, @Rebecca_St_Martin,

Yes, you can do this currently as follows in your project’s List View:

  1. Collapse all sections
  2. Click the “. . .” menu at the top right and choose Save layout as default in the menu that appears.

That’s it. From then on when you arrive at the List View of this project the sections will default to being collapsed.

Hope that helps,



I just want to make a note here that I was confused about which “…” i should click.
I first saw them next to the Section titles, but that didn’t have the option for “Save Layout.”
But then I saw the “…” between Sort and the Customize Button, and there it was!
In the very far upper right, just like the instructions say!
Thank you, Larry!

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