How do I contact support

What is your turn-around time on support issues? I sent in a ticket 6 days ago and no response. Everything I read says to contact Support for my issue but I can’t keep waiting around for someone to answer, I need an answer. I am also a Premium member.

Hi @Marie,

I see a “Let’s Talk”, when is support available to chat?

Hi @Dave_Main! We do not offer chat support at the moment. But you can reach to our team via email by filling the form appearing when clicking “Let’s chat”!


Yes! Is that! Thank you!

5 days with no response from support. Tried to contact the support team and it is not possible. The chat support team is absolutely useless. This is an unacceptable situation. I need a position about my case #96941.

Ho @Carolina_Del_Lama_Ma,

I can confirm we’ve received your two emails. We’re currently a little slower to respond to emails and as you replied to your own email, your query was automatically sent back to the start of our queues. Our team will be in touch shortly to help, sincere apologies for the delay in responding to you!

Marie, that does not work well. Asana sometimes replies, but, most often, with a pat answer and a help link to something irrelevant. Any way to speak with someone?

Any update on being able to contact support by phone? Also, does Asana offer any classes or info sessions where someone comes in person to a company?

I submitted a ticket more than a week ago, but still haven’t received a reply. Any estimate on how long the wait is? Case #117833. Thanks.