How do I completely remove a team member?


Hi guys! Just merging this thread with How do I completely remove a team member? to avoid duplicates!


What if you don’t want to invite someone to a team just to delete them?

With the free version they are still part of “My Company”, but I don’t want to have the user know they are being deleted.

I also don’t want to contact them to tell them and do not want them getting emails with updates of tasks within the company.


This was very helpful. Thanks


Hi @Zane and apologies for the late follow-up! If you’re working with a Workspace (“My Company”), you don’t need to add members to a team in order to delete them from your Workspace; you can simply follow these steps instead: Hope this helps!


Hello Miracle,

I ran into this issue recently. And if you are (like me) unable to find the user in any teams / tasks.
Try this:

    • Add a new team in Asana - Let’s call this ‘Removals Team’
  1. *Now click on Manage Team Members image
    • Cancel Invite / Remove depeds if the user was invited and never signed in - you will see Cancel Invite. If they existed, you will see Remove .
    • Remove Access and then finally deprovision.

Hope this helps!


In the quick search dropdown I still can see former users not in the team anymore and with no tasks, even archived, assigned to them. How can I remove them?


Hi @Francesco_Canovi;

We already have a thread on this topic; I’d advise you to take a look at this post in which I detail the steps to follow to remove a user from your Organization.

If you have any follow-up questions, please let me know!


Thanks so much for the trick ! It worked !!! I was looking for this since last year and thanks to your trick i finally removed completely an old co-worker from the organisation. Thanks so much !