How do I Back date Due Date

Hi everyone!

This has been eating my brain for the past couple of day so i decided to reach out for help.

I have created a Template for a task and now i want to set up my task to work backwards.

Task: In person training : Due date Nov 20
SubT: Gather emails of participants 20 days before in person training
SubT Email welcome pack: 15 days before in person training
SubT: Send curriculum : due date 10 days before in person training
SubT: Set up class room: 3 days before in person training

How could i go about setting this up?

So you want to use the dynamic date mechanism in task templates and want the subtasks to be dated before the task?

Looks like you can’t have negative values for the date range in task template. The only solution I see is to give the main task the oldest task date (-20 days in your case), then have subtasks build forward from that date, and after creation change the main task due date by adding 20 days… :confused:

I think i know how to get around this!
I will set the due date for the task fist, then manually put the due date on the first sub task and make a rule that says when due date is set in x task progressively add due dates to all tasks.

Your replay was very helpful !

The problem you’ll have is that rules don’t apply to subtasks + rules only apply to task that triggered the rule.

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