How do I add Project Title to Tasks via Template???

Our company uses templates for product development, which typically has 30-40 projects at any given time. I’m looking to find out if we can incorporate the project name (our product name) into the tasks. Since we have cross departmental dependencies, it’s much easier for them to find and understand the task by being able to see complete product title. As an example;

Project Name: Widget P# 1234
Task: Asset Creation

Looking to find a way to do something like [Project Name] Asset Creation where it will automatically populate the project, or part name, into the task from the template. Is this possible to do???

Hi @Joe_Pod with the UI I don’t believe this is possible. You might be able to do it from an API perspective.



Thanks Jason. That’s beyond my understanding, so I’ll have to accept that Asana is not capable of this feature, although it would be a massive time saver for us in the future!