How do I actually add the CSV app

I’m trying to activate the CVS import app.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. Gone to CSV + Asana: Import work data into Asana • Asana. I dont see any way to add it from here.
  2. Gone to my profile settings. No obvious was to add it here.


Its not an app to my understanding, its in Project, Add tasks method

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In the help files it is listed as an app.
Also when I go to my installed apps, its not there.

However the option for CSV import did appear when I used chrome, so its working now, although Im still a bit unclear if its an app or not.

Hi @itierney and sorry for the confusion here! @James_Carl is 100% right, the CSV Importer is not an app, but rather a built-in integration; it should be available for every single project you’re creating!