How delete "No Project" section

I’m new to Asana. A “No Project” section header suddenly appeared and all my tasks for the “Laree” section are showing up here. I’Ve tried moving them, but to no avail. how do I remove the “No Project” section entirely? Also, a related question: How do I delete the empty task spaces that, unbeknownst to me, were createed under “No Project” when I was trying to create tasks under “Later?” Please help!

Sorry for the typo. I meant the “Later” section.

Hi @Suzanne_McAuliffe welcome to Asana and the community…

It sounds like you are in the My Task View. If that is correct then what you are seeing is correct. The reason the “No Project” section is visible is that is a normal sorry criteria in the Later section which shows all tasks not associated with a project.
Have a look at this help page

I would also suggest you have a look at some of the Asana Trainings which will give you a good starting point for using Asana.

Hope this helps…


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Hey @Suzanne_McAuliffe

@Jason_Woods is right on the money here. Chances are you have your sort filter adjusted to sort your Tasks according to Project. Additionally, what can also be the case is that those “Tasks”, which appear in the “No Project” section, are actually Subtasks.

Subtasks don’t automatically inherit the Project that they appear in; you need to add them manually by clicking into the Task and adding them to the Project (Tab+P). Additional info is available here.

Hope this helps!

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Have to say Michael, this is one of our biggest problems with subtasks. Subtasks should automatically inherit the project they are subtasks of!

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I am actually in the process of
Going through all the training and associated exercises now, which led to this issue showing up. I’ll check out the link you provided for additional guidance. Thx!


Thanks everyone! Appreciate the help and info!

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Thanks for the feedback @Laura_Johnson.
Our team is actively looking at how we can streamline this process for us all though it’s a bit more complicated that it appears at first. We do appreciate your patience with us on this in the mean time!

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I’m having a similar issue. Ideally, there would not be a “No Project” under “Later”. Is there a way to remove the “No Project” portion?

Also, this is in the My Tasks section. Under Sort, I currently have None marked. When I change it to Due Date, it doesn’t auto-fill my tasks due Today to the Marked for Today section.

Hi @Grant_Waring
The reason for the No Project secion is that the task “Test Test 789” is not in any project directly which is why it is shown. The Later section is sorted by Project.

And to answer you next question, yes “Today” etc is only shown when Sort is set to None…

Have a look at this guide article for full details…


Thanks for the response Jason. Unfortunately that article does not answer my question. Why does “Test Test 789” fall under a subcategory of “No Project” but under “Upcoming” and “Today” there are not “No Project” subcategories?

HI @Grant_Waring
In your My Tasks view if you have sorting set to “None” It use the Asana default sorting which includes the following categories;

  • Recently Assigned
    Which has tasks that have been assigned to you either by another team member or yourself. These aren’t sorted in anyway.

  • Today
    Tasks that are due or start today. Tasks will remain here until you either complete them move them to the other sections or unassign them. These are not sorted

  • Upcoming
    Tasks that are due in the future and are autopopulated to today as per the notes in the above guide article. These are not sorted.

  • Later
    These are tasks that are due further in the future (i think 2 weeks)… And this is where Asana has implemented a sorting method for these tasks which is by Project. You can’t change it, it is just the default sort method for tasks in “Later”. So the task you have mentioned above has been put in the category of “No Project” which is always the first in that list… As it doesn’t have a project that it has been allocated to.

I hope that clarifies…


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That does clarify this issue. Thanks Jason.

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