How create a tag?



How i can create a tag?
I cant see any button or icon, which mean “tag”
No info abou that on youtube - just how ise tags, but i dont have any buutin for create tag


You can find all the info on tags here:

Hope that helps


:man_student:Tab+T while in task view will take you to the Tag Input field.:v:


Tags are created simply by typing in the Tag Input field. After you’ve created a few tags this way, you’ll see them appear as options when you start typing in the Tag Input field.

You might be hoping to be able to easily access a list of all created tags available to you so you can review current tags, select from among them, and work within and/or clean up the system as needed. Unfortunately, there is no way to see a global list of tags.


If you want to see the list of existing tags, you can try this:


That is a great tip, I wasn’t aware of it. However, I find it isn’t working for me…I only see 10 tags whereas I know I have at least 50. Can you confirm this works for any number of tags?


I think he may be in the Personal Projects part. I’ve noticed that if you’re operating there, no tag options. But when I switch to “My Company”, then I can tag. Doesn’t make sense to me why tags aren’t available under Personal Projects.