How could we get a report showing the time spent for a task in each column of a board view?


Hi to everyone,

We use Board view in one Project. Each column has its own responsible person/division in the company. We want to get a report of the finished tasks. This report should Show us the following:

  • Total time of the task between creation and finish (For example 64 hours)
  • Time of the task in each column (For example 24 hours for First Column, 10 hours for Second Column and 30 hours for Third Cloumn)

Could we get such a report in asana or through an integration, free if possible :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Kivanc Koza


Hi Kivanc,

While there isn’t a built in solution for this, there are a few options that I suggest you explore. Take a look at Asana’s time tracking integrations here: You might also look into building something via Asana’s API Feel free to post in our #developersAPI category if you have questions!