How could we get a report showing the time spent for a task in each column of a board view?

Hi to everyone,

We use Board view in one Project. Each column has its own responsible person/division in the company. We want to get a report of the finished tasks. This report should Show us the following:

  • Total time of the task between creation and finish (For example 64 hours)
  • Time of the task in each column (For example 24 hours for First Column, 10 hours for Second Column and 30 hours for Third Cloumn)

Could we get such a report in asana or through an integration, free if possible :slight_smile:

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Kivanc Koza

Hi Kivanc,

While there isn’t a built in solution for this, there are a few options that I suggest you explore. Take a look at Asana’s time tracking integrations here: You might also look into building something via Asana’s API Feel free to post in our #developersAPI category if you have questions!


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non of the time tracking integrations does this Alexis…
We need to know time spend in a column. Not the time somebody spends working the task, they are 2 very different things.

As for Asana’s API, there is no webhook for when a task is moved. So that means you’d have to setup a cron and check in which list the task is at for EACH task on the board multiple times a day… that is a LOT of work and super inefficient and would absolutely murder your API endpoints and active kanban board can easily have a 50 - 200 active tasks depending on team size during a sprint.

I really really need this, functionality. It is available on Trello with ‘time in list’ power-up. It is such an easy feature from your side but due to API constraints super hard from our side… so I’d really like to ask Asana to consider building this in or at least make webhook available that fires each time task is moved (then it could even be done via Zapier too).


The Screenful Dashboard for Asana can provide this information out-of-the-box. It has a report that shows the timings per workflow state of individual tasks, and the averages over a time period. Here’s what the dashboard looks like:

The chart is interactive so that you can click through to see the timings for individual tasks. You can learn more at the Tour page.

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