How could I change a parent task in one project that is in multiple other projects?

I have multiple projects that house the same task / subtasks but the status of that task would be different in the different projects. Is it possible to mark the parent task incomplete in Project A while keeping it complete in Project B?
Here is an example, which may help to clarify my question:
Using the Rule functionality, the workflow is like this:

  1. Purchase Order #1234 Task in Project A is marked complete and has tags/statuses applied that trigger this parent task to get added to two different projects, Project B and Project C, with subtasks and assignees added.
  2. Once in Project B & C, the team members for those projects would need to see that this is an incomplete task, since rules don’t work if you mark a subtask complete (if marking the subtask in this parent task complete, the rule does not trigger to move it to a different section or along the workflow).
    2A. We need this task to stay in Project A, while move along a workflow in B & C
    without changing the task status in Project A.
  3. Ideally, we would like this task now in Projects B & C to work independently from Project A, so that everything in Project A is complete so no other team members are notified that this task is incomplete or needs attention, but rather, team members from B & C can work through the task’s workflow through completion.

I hope this makes sense; I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to mark a task incomplete without affecting the parent task from the main project.

Hello @Tanya_Salemme,

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It does make sense, and I believe you are pretty close to the solution :slight_smile:

You can achieve the above by using Custom Fields; basically, replace “Marked Complete” in your description with the “Custom Field” stage changes to “XYZ”. That is going to be the trigger for the rules that you want to run at the different steps of the task lifecycle.

One of the core functionalities of having a task living in multiple projects is that it shows the same content across, so having it completed in one place and incomplete in another would almost look like a duplicate which might confuse some people; “Custom Fields” instead will create even more clarity, with everyone understanding at which stage the task is.

I would use a Single-select Custom Field for this purpose.


Thank you Rosario! That does get me closer, however, when I add the custom field and add my trigger (in this case I am using “Complete”) so that it will move the task across my sections and projects, because that trigger is used for each different stage, it just by passes all my stages and goes to my last section. Here is a screenshot, hopefully that helps! Thanks so much for your assistance!

Hi Tanya,

i think it might be easier if your tag was a little more specific to the task for that section such as “PPS-Complete”. this way you can differentiate easier at a glance on the status for the task.

Hi @Tanya_Salemme,

Thanks for adding the screenshot.

Confirming what @James_Daniels mentioned, you want to use a different status for each phase and use that as a specific trigger to move on to the next step. Basically, sort of rebuilding in your Custom Field the task’s journey. That will also create more clarity for all of the stakeholders who will know through also through the custom field at which stage the task is.


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