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We are new users. The name of our program is “Marketing” but we are not Marketing. We are a small law firm. How do we change that name? I would like to fix that before we try to roll out to other team members. Linda

Hi Linda, I am not sure if you want to rename your PROJECT (colored square) or the name of the SECTION. I renamed mine Podcasts (Guests & Wildcard)

If you are referring to the top right side of the PROJECT (see below) and click the carat symbol that looks like a V and you can edit the project name there.


If you mean the SECTION name (which will be like a header above the tasks) click the 3 dots and you can rename the section inside the field where the work is. I renamed mine to RESOURCES/TEMPLATES & GOALS


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Thank you for responding. And on a Sunday and a Holiday!!

Actually it looks like it’s called the WORKSPACE (?) The ORGANIZATION is blank, and workspace says MARKETING. We are a law firm, not marketing. How do we change the name of the WORKSPACE to maybe LAW FIRM CLIENTS? If it can only be one word, then CLIENTS.


Hi @Linda_Hallenbeck
Welcome to the community Linda…

Have a look at this guide article it should have most of the answers that you need.



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