How can my assistant see all my appointments on the Asana calendar, like she does in Google Cal?


Every now and again I want recover a task I’ve checked off. Where do these tasks go when we check themI am a pastor and my administrative assistant books all of my appointments (i.e. weddings, funerals, counseling sessions, etc). Before signing up for Asana, she would check my availability in Google Calendar, but how can she do this now that I’ve migrated everything over to Asana? It seems as though Asana only shows what appointments and tasks I have schedule for the current week. How can she look ahead and see if I’m free to perform someone’s wedding or to meet for counseling? off and how do we recover them?


One way is to go to your My Tasks and change the view to Completed Tasks:

But if you have more details, it might be easier to filter down to particular things from Advanced Search.

Click in the search box and then Advanced Search:

Then change the filters (specifically switch to “Tasks” and change Completion to “Completed”):

Hope that helps.