How can I update the company email address on Asana?



I have recently changed my company name and consequently the company email address. Now I would like to update the company email address on Asana to reflect the new company email address we have.

Is that possible?

Many thanks


As far as I understand, this is a Premium feature. I’m not sure about the procedure though, as I’m using Free subscription.


Hi @Fabiano

Have you tried contacting Asana support?


@Fabiano Have you succeeded? I am running into the same issue and was hoping to get some help on it as well.


Hey @Fabiano, @Michinio & @staube

Happy to report that the switching of the domain used in your Organization is not a premium feature. In order to process this, as Julien noted above, simply file a support request with via our support form, available at

To prepare, begin by adding your email account registered at the new domain to your Asana by following the instructions at the following link:

This will show our support team that you in fact own this domain and have the right to swap out the current domain that’s tied to your Org, with your new domain.

Hope this helps in the meantime!

Let me know if you have any additional questions of us here :slight_smile:


@Michael_A Thank you for the follow up. I have submitted the request to support and am getting the team to update their emails.