How can I show the customer field for the same task when it is added to another project

I try to run the agile by asana according to How to use Asana for Agile and scrum | Product guide • Asana
For example, I have a feature project. One task in this project need 3 days dev efforts. So I add a customer field in this project named ‘Dev efforts’ with value 3. And I also create a sprint project. Then add this task into sprint.

But in the sprint, the customer value is missing. I can’t see the 3 days in the board view. I have to fill 3 days in the cost field again in the sprint project.

Can you give some advice for this use case?

@Zhang_Beihang :wave: Welcome to the community!
It is possible to see the custom field on both projects. All you must do is make sure that the custom field is not limited to the first project by selecting the checkbox to add to the company library. Then you should add the same custom field from the library to the second project, Now the values would be available in both projects.
Step 1 edit current custom field:

Step 2: Add the field from the library to the new project


really helpful, thanks a lot

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