How can I share a task with my entire org?

In my org we have a proprietary tool for product issues. When the develop finish working on his task (which is in Asana) he needs to put the link of the task in the issue tool for everyone in the org to see.
So how can I share a task with everyone in the org

Hello @oren_kaminer, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:
If the task is a project to which all team members have access to you only have to copy the task link and when you share it with your team members they will be able to see it.
If the project is private and only a few people have access to then I recommend creating a new public project to which you add all your team members and every task that you want to share with them multi-home in this project.

You can also set up rules in Asana that have a specific trigger which would then multi-home the task automatically.

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Hi Thanks for the worm welcome
I see my project is not private but set as public to the team.
Is there a way to make project public to everyone in the org?

These are the current options I have when I open new project. I have either public to team or Private to project members


OK changed the team settings from “Membership by request” to “Public to organization” Now people in the org can see the tasks without been asked to join the team

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